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Skin Cancer Regular Checkup

Regular check-ups are an important part of effective prevention of skin cancer. Conspicuous areas of skin can be documented by picture and thus changes can be detected and treated at a very early stage in the course of regular follow-up examinations.

Skin cancer develops gradually. Especially the black skin cancer (melanoma) develops in most cases from previously existing moles. If you notice changes of moles, birthmarks or pigmentation marks on your body, this is the first step towards prevention.

The A-B-C-D-E - rules, which are described below indicates abnormal development, which should be observed

A = Asymmetry.

Most melanomas are asymmetrical, while regular moles are round, oval or somehow symmetrical. If not let it check.

B = Border.

Melanoma borders tend to be uneven and may have scalloped or notched edges. Common moles tend to have smooth or even borders.

C = Color.

Multiple colors are a warning sign. Regular mole have a single shade of brown. Melanome tend to have different shade of brown, tan or black. Red or blood is an indication, to be checked by a doctor

D = Diameter

While it’s ideal to detect a melanoma when it is small – which is difficult -, it’s a warning sign if a mole gets bigger than 5 mm.

E = Evolving

Any change in size, shape, color or elevation of a spot on your skin, or any new symptom in it, such as bleeding, itching or crusting, may be a warning sign of melanoma.

But even if there are no concrete abnormalities, all medical and oncological professional associations recommend regular skin cancer screening. Skin cancer can now be treated very well if it is detected in time and treatment is initiated immediately. And since most fair-skinned people who have been in the sun more often have a certain risk of skin cancer, one should have a professional examination.


In our dermatological practice, we draw up an examination plan for each patient, after the individual risk profile has been established, in which the follow-up examinations are planned. Depending on whether preliminary stages were discovered during the examination, the intervals between the controls are scheduled more closely.

The aim of follow-up examinations is to select the intervals so that changes in the skin can be detected in good time and examined more closely before they reach a critical or even dangerous stage.

Regular Checkup

Appointments for regular skin cancer checkup

Please arrange your appointment for your regular skin cancer checkup here in our dermatologist's practice.

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Through our memberships and the continuing education of the following medical professional associations, we keep up to date with the latest scientific findings and research results in the field of skin cancer prevention and treatment as well as the latest treatment methods.

German dermatological society

German Dermatological Society

Professional association of German dermatologists

Professional Association of German Dermatologists

German Cancer Society

German Cancer Society

European Society for Pediatric Dermatology

European Society for Pediatric Dermatology

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