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Dermatological Practice

Corona Information

The practice team has received the 2nd Corona vaccination and is scheduled for the booster shot. This, together with air filters in all rooms and wearing masks will significantly increase your and our safety during treatment.

Despite the vaccination, the official protective measures against Covid-19 continues to apply: FFP2 masks are mandatory! Also for vaccinated and recovered persons - to protect us and other patients.

Please come only with an appointment, wearing a mask and without accompanying persons.

Practice Dr. Andrea Zorn

We are pleased to introduce you to our dermatological practice in Kronberg near Frankfurt. Our range of activities includes classic skin medicine with a specialization in skin cancer screening incl. laser microscopy, aesthetic medicine and laser medicine.
My team and I are looking forward to see you

Yours sincerely Dr. med. Andrea Zorn

Specialist in Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology

Dermatological Practice Dr. Andrea Zorn

Dermatology for our Skin:
A Sensitive Organ

Our skin fulfills many functions: it protects us from environmental influences such as pathogens, it maintains our body temperature and it protects us from dehydration. Because it is directly exposed to our environment, it also shapes our outward appearance: but at the same time, this makes the skin particularly sensitive and evokes various diseases. Especially young skin is prone to skin conditions like acne or eczema. Adult skin in turn is more commonly affected by fungal diseases, psoriasis (psoriasis), hair loss or skin cancer. As professional and experience dermatologists we help to cure deseases, to protect agains skin cancer and to support your skin to look healthy and bright.

  • Mole Check

  • Digital Imaging Skin Cancer

  • pdt skin cancer

  • regular mole check with digital imaging

Dermatological Practice Dr. Andrea Zorn

Highest Safety Standards in Skin Cancer Screening

Skin cancer can be treated well if it is detected early. We are specialized in this. To detect skin cancer already in the preliminary stage, we use confocal laser microscopes. They enable us the view under the skin surface. In this way, individual cells can be enlarged so much that risky structures are revealed before they become threatening. This marvelous technique is operated by only a few practices in Europe.


Acne is one of the most common skin disease in children and adolescents. But many adults also suffer from the acne tarda. Timely and targeted treatment can cure acne quite well and prevent acne scars.

Pediatric Dermatology

Childrens dermatology is about the safe diagnosis, classification and treatment of skin problems in infants, children and adolescents. Their young skin often reacts differently to adult’s skin, therfore it needs to be treated differently.

Wrinkle Treatment

Anti-wrinkle treatments help to reduce facial wrinkles. The aim of this non-surgical treatments is to make you look better but still natural, with a younger and fresher appearance. For best results, we combine cosmetic and medical therapies.

Med. Cosmetics

Cosmetic treatments are part of the dermatologic cure in our practice. They are always carried out on an individual basis and exclusively by certified medical cosmeticians often in consultation with the doctors.

Hair Removal

A lot of women suffer from strong bodily and facial hair, which looks in some case similar to that of young men. But also men suffer from hairy backs. With our IPL laser, hair removal can be done for permanent satsfaction.

Med. Foot Care

Medical foot (podiatry) care helps getting healthy feet to avoid heavy strain. In order to keep feet resilient, supple and pain-free, our fully-fledged medical pedicurists take care of al skin problems around your feet.

Dermatological Practice Dr. Andrea Zorn

Beautiful and Natural Results in Aesthetic Dermatology

In addition to the treatment of skin diseases, the preservation of your natural beauty and vitality plays an important role for us. Therefore, we also offer you numerous applications of aesthetic dermatology such as the treatment of wrinkles, lifting or permanent hair and tattoo removal. Our methods are as gentle and effective as possible. The range is complemented by numerous cosmetic treatments, such as Microneedling, Microdermabrasion, Hydrafcial and many more. To optimize the success of the treatment, we use selected cosmetic care products.

Dermatological Practice Dr. Andrea Zorn

Laser Medicine

Medical lasers have opened up many new treatment options for dermatology, called laser medicine They allow us to treat skin diseases and aesthetic problems thoroughly and gently at the same time. With a wide range of modern laser systems, we can successfully treat both skin diseases such as rosacea, nail fungus or scars, as well as aesthetically disturbing veins, redness, hair or tattoos and many others.

Appointments for Prevention and Treatment

Appointments for preventive examinations and treatments in our dermatological practice can be arranged here.

Medical progress and quality assurance

Through our (Hautarztpraxis Dr. Zorn in Kronberg) memberships and the advanced training of the following medical societies, we keep up to date with the latest scientific findings and research results in the fields of dermatology and skin medicine, skin cancer research, laser medicine, pediatric dermatology, aesthetic and occupational medicine, as well as allergology and its latest treatment methods.

DDG – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Dermatologie

DDG – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Dermatologie

BVDD – Berufsverband der Deutschen Dermatologen

BVDD – Berufsverband der Deutschen Dermatologen

DKG – Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft

DKG – Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft

DGLM – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Lasermedizin

DGLM – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Lasermedizin

AEDA – Ärzteverband Deutscher Allergologen

AEDA – Ärzteverband Deutscher Allergologen

ABD - Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Berufs- und Umweltdermatologie

ABD - Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Berufs- und Umweltdermatologie

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