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Hydrafacial Treatment

Hydrafacial combines 4 most effective therapies from deep cleansing, peeling to skin refinement in just one treatment. The effect is a better appearance through a medical skin renewal. It also helps with many serious skin diseases from acne to rosacea. 

The patented Hydrafacial technology offers the ideal synergy of innovative products and state-of-the-art technology to achieve an immediate improvement in skin texture. This allows the gentle treatment of small wrinkles, blocked pores, oily skin and acne painlessly in just one appointment. 

How does Hydrafacial work?

Hydrafacial combines skin removal, deep cleansing, infusion of active ingredients, cold therapy and lymph drainage in one device. Some therapy components are known from microdermabrasion, such as the removal of old and horny skin layers. This is used here to open the pores in order to introduce a particularly effective peeling complex of salicylic and fructose acid which supports the cleansing process. The concept is flexible too. In case of very sensitive skin, the peel can also be done with enzymes instead of acid. By means of a multifunctional Vortex-technology, additional antioxidants, vitamins, hyaluronan other substances are inserted into the opened pores of the skin. This process is gentle and painless. Like the closing light therapy with intensive LED light. Red LED light stimulates collagen formation. Acne is treated with blue LED light.

The hydrafacial therapy produces a special shine on the skin immediately after the treatment, which disappears after a few days, while the serums introduced simultaneously stimulate skin renewal and leave the skin soft, fresh and beautiful.


Appointments for hydrafacial therapy

Please arrange your appointment for a hydrafacial therapy here, in our dermatologist practice.

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