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Enlarged Pores and Impure Skin

The pores of our skin serve to deliver useful and to remove harmful substances. In the case of enlarged pores, with increased sebum production, they can clog and create the image of impure skin. In our practice we can treat enlarged pored skin well in various ways.


Pores serve to exchange dissolved substances through the skin. Through them sebum, sweat, but also every hair gets out. Pores are of great importance for the health of the skin. However, if too much sebum is released, visible and unwanted blockages occur. These appear as dark blackheads or reddish inflammations. If the skin tends to be rather oily or tends to inflammations such as acne, large pores can evolve. And they can widen again when blocked. This results in a rough skin structure with enlarged pores.

Depending on the personal condition, various treatment methods are combined individually to counteract this. The combination of cosmetic therapies is designed to develop effect on our patients in an optimally and strengthened way.

Enlarged Pores

Appointments for cosmetic treatments

Please arrange your appointment for the treatments of enlarged pores here, in our dermatologist practice.

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