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Mole Check for Children

The control of moles (pigmentation marks) of a child or an teenager serves to protect against skin cancer. Melanomas evolving from existing moles also develop in children, although only very rarely! Nevertheless, these moles are examined with an incident light microscope and removed if necessary.

First of all, superficially spreading melanomas, the most common form of dangerous black skin cancer, fortunately occur in children and teenager very rarely. Even more uncommon before puberty. But they cannot be excluded either, as a study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology confirms. The authors (dermatologists) also found that melanomas develop from existing moles (nevi or moles) in children and adolescents more often than in adults. Therefore, especially large, congenital or newly formed moles should be examined carefully. Because such mole can change so much during childhood and early adolescence that they should be removed for safety reasons. Especially when increased risks such as melanoma have occurred in the family.

Pediatric Dermatology

However, surgical removal, especially in children, should only be carried out if the affected area actually contains a risk factor. In order to be able to recognize this without surgery, confocal laser microscopy is a good option after incident light microscopy. With the confocal laser microscope, the cell tissue under the skin surface can be made visible and examined for malignant structures at a magnification of 1,000 times without pain or risky radiation. In this way, the earliest changes and preliminary stages of skin cancer can be detected in time. And extracted if necessary.

Dr. Zorn's practice is one of the few in Germany that has confocal laser microscopes at its disposal in order to avoid unnecessary surgery by means of targeted diagnosis.

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