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Your time out on the wellness floor for healthy and beautiful skin

After two years of planning and renovation, our 2nd floor is now ready for your well-being. In this spacious area, we can offer you all treatments related to medical cosmetics, aesthetics and medical foot care in a beautiful feel-good ambience.

Enjoy your treatment with state-of-the-art equipment and effective therapies for your healthy and beautiful skin in quiet rooms with a dreamlike view of nature.

We had always planned to offer those areas of skin medicine that require more time for treatment in specially designed rooms where our patients can already relax and feel comfortable during the treatment. In addition, due to Corona, there was a need for more distance and space between individuals.

By creating a separate floor for medical cosmetics, aesthetic dermatology and podiatry (medical foot care), we were able to integrate all these wishes under one roof. Not only have we been able to double the number of therapy rooms, but we also added three waiting areas and a spacious welcoming area, which gives our patients a pleasant feeling of peacefulness that helps them to approach the treatment as if it were a little time out and to look forward to the good results.


All rooms are not only equipped with the latest equipment and air-conditioned, but they also have comfortable, heatable massage loungers and a dreamlike view of the Taunus mountains over the Frankfurt skyline to the Spessart mountains. Who wouldn't feel at home here?

Wellness Floor

You will find these treatments on the Wellness Floor

On the new floor you will find all therapy-accompanying medical-dermatological and aesthetic treatments for healthy and beautiful skin from head to toe.

*) Manicures and pedicures can only be offered as part of other treatments.

Most of these therapies can be used for aesthetic-cosmetic improvement of the skin as well as for the treatment of serious skin diseases, such as acne, couperose, rosacea, severe cornifications or other inflammatory skin diseases, also on the feet. The respective treatment approach results from the dermatological diagnosis of the doctor.

Tattoo Weg durch Laser Hautarzt Dr. Zorn
Wellness Floor

The expansion of our wellness floor

The idea and the wish for more space for our patients had existed for a long time, because since its foundation the practice had been growing virtually from month to month. On the one hand, due to the excellent reputation we had earned for classical dermatology, early skin cancer detection, aesthetic and laser medicine, but also for in-depth and hygienic foot care. On the other hand, because of the many new medical facilities we have put into operation for the optimal treatment of our patients, such as the confocal laser microscope, but all of which require space.

So, with the start of the first Corona wave in 2020, we started planning, making applications and designs. We were again accompanied by the same interior design firm Null2Elf - in the meantime awarded Interior Designers of the Year 2020 - who had already designed the first floor - as well as the property management team, without whom we would hardly have made it through the phases of lockdowns and the shortage of building materials. Thanks to all involved for their great work, as well as to our own motivated staff, on whom we could always count.

Now we are glad and happy to be able to offer your our treatments and therapies in our beautiful, modern rooms and look forward to your visit.

What is new?

For a long time, we had wished that cosmetic and aesthetic treatments, but also medical foot care, could take place in a particularly pleasant and calm atmosphere in which our patients could relax. Now we have been able to put these thoughts into practice. Not only through more rooms and waiting areas, but also through the design of the rooms, all with a view of the green landscape and an individual control of the temperature both in the room and on the lying areas.

Furthermore, we have included additional treatments for men to also help our male patients to make signs of ageing disappear and to be able to show beautiful and healthy skin as a visible sign of their vitality and well-groomed style.

Appointment requests for treatments on the Wellness Floor

Our wellness floor continues to be an integral part of the dermatology practice, which has expanded. Therefore, appointments will continue to be made via the contact form and the practice extension. If you are a regular patient with us, you are welcome to ask at reception for the extension number for cosmetic treatments and foot care.

However, this service is currently reserved for our existing patients only, as most new patients require a prior medical examination before a treatment recommendation can be made.

Medical progress and quality assurance

By our memberships and the continuing education of the following medical societies, we keep up to date with the latest scientific findings and research results in the field of dermatology as well as laser medicine and its practical application.

DDG – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Dermatologie

DDG – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Dermatologie

BVDD – Berufsverband der Deutschen Dermatologen

BVDD – Berufsverband der Deutschen Dermatologen

DGLM – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Lasermedizin

DGLM – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Lasermedizin