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Skin Cancer Screening and Mole Check

Regular skin cancer screening and mole checks is the best protection against skin cancer, because skin cancer detected early is curable in most cases. Our practice specializes in skin cancer prevention and early detection. With our integrated confocal lasers, we are among the leading professionals in skin cancer microscopy in Europe.

For the successful treatment of skin cancer, the point in time of its discovery plays a decisive role. With a multi-stage professional skin cancer screening, skin cancer and its preliminary stages can be detected, treated and cured in time by our experienced dermatologists.

Due to the specialization of our practice in skin cancer screening and mole checks, we not only have a great deal of experience in the early detection of skin cancer, but also recognize its preliminary stages at a very early stage. This is aided by technical equipment that only very few practices and clinics in Germany and even in Europe have. Two confocal laser microscopes form the core of the equipment. They allow us to see the first signs in the evolution of skin cancer on the basis of individual, degenerated skin cells without having to remove them from the skin surgically. It is currently not possible to intervene any earlier. Based on this knowledge, we have been able to intensify and optimize the entire skin cancer screening process, so that very individualized diagnostics and subsequent therapy can now be applied, offering our patients a high degree of safety and a high chance of success.

Mole Check

Appointments for Skin Cancer Screening and Mole Checks  

Please arrange your appointment for your professional skin cancer screening and mole check here in our dermatologist's practice.

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Through our memberships and the continuing education of the following medical professional associations, we keep up to date with the latest scientific findings and research results in the field of skin cancer prevention and treatment as well as the latest treatment methods.

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German Dermatological Society

Professional association of German dermatologists

Professional Association of German Dermatologists

German Cancer Society

German Cancer Society

European Society for Pediatric Dermatology

European Society for Pediatric Dermatology

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