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Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are usually thick, dry callus on the foot. Initially, the cracked areas can be treated with foot baths and creams. If pain or deeper cracks occur, the feet should be treated with medical foot care to prevent infections and other diseases.

The feet on which we stand, walk, dance, do sports and carry heavy loads all day long are often subject to hours of high pressure. This weight lays on the heels, the soles of the feet and their skin. However, the skin under the feet not only has to withstand the pressure from above, but also to balance the unevenness of the floor, even if you don't walk barefoot. As a result, the strain causes keratinized areas to form small cracks, which later turn into painful cracks if you don't do something about it in time.

The first step against cracked feet and to avoid calluses is to do regular foot care. This can be done at home by applying moisturising creams. Often an improvement can be felt after only a few days.

But not every foot has been cared for in time. Not every patient is agile enough for this and sometimes the cornification and dehydration is already too far advanced. In these cases, self-treatment is not sufficient to remove cracks. Furthermore, cracks heal very slowly if the pressure on the feet is not reduced or the cracks are already quite deep.

In these cases, professional medical foot care can provide effective and lasting relief. During the treatment, the cracked, dry and horny skin is removed at first. Afterwards, the skin's elasticity will be improved by adding moisturize. This prevents the deep-seated cracks from becoming inflamed and providing an entry point for further diseases. If cracks are already inflamed, a medical examination and diagnosis with a treatment plan is required before treatment.

Corns and Calluses

Appointments for the removal of cracked heels

Please arrange your appointment for professional treatment of your cracked heels, in our dermatologist practice.

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