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For men: special skin and laser medicine, aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology and foot care

Differences in the skin appearance of young men and women can already be seen from puberty onwards. Men get thicker skin that produces more sebum and ages later. This is associated with special requirements for the diagnosis and treatment of men's skin.

On this page you will find the most common, very effective dermatological and cosmetic treatments for men's skin, with brief descriptions. A link will take you to the exact description of the respective therapy.

Together, our experienced dermatologists, medical beauticians and chiropodists have developed special therapies and treatments for the characteristics and needs of male skin. These range from acne-plagued youthful skin to the diseases that only appear more frequently in old age, such as skin cancer.

Below you will find an overview of treatments suitable for men's skin. Most of them are not exclusively for men, but have been tried and tested for a long time in dermatology or medical cosmetics and foot care. What is new with us, however, is our approach of adapting the respective therapy concept to the requirements of men's skin. We do not go into this in particular on the in-depth pages, but all the more so during the treatment. You will notice that.

Differences in the skin of men and women

After puberty, men's skin, controlled by the hormone testosterone, becomes about 20% thicker than that of women of the same age. Their epidermis develops more cell layers, produces more sebum and more collagen in the dermis. This not only gives them a visibly coarser structure, but also better protection against environmental influences, such as sunlight, air pollution etc.. In addition, it can bind more water and thus remains wrinkle-free for longer. Men are helped in this by the lower pH value (acidic range) and their stable hydro-lipid mantle, which protects their skin. In addition, men's skin has a stronger blood supply.

But these advantages end in the mid-thirties, when men's skin, faster than women's, loses the previously high elasticity of the connective tissue and the ability to store enough moisture. The production and growth of new skin cells slows down and the first wrinkles appear. The time has come for more and better skin care to protect the skin and counteract signs of ageing.

There are also differences in skin diseases between men and women. In general, many skin conditions occur more often in women than in men, in many cases related to greater hormonal fluctuations, autoimmune diseases and their tendency to pigmentation.

However, skin infections occur more frequently in men. Nevertheless, the background is seen less in the nature of the skin but much more in the higher risk of exposure. In other words, men are less careful at work and in their leisure time than women, which is why they catch warts or athlete's foot more quickly, for example. This also partly explains why men get skin cancer more often and are more likely to die on it. They have the tendency to neglected sun protection in childhood and adolescence, and often still do so in adulthood. This is reflected, among other things, in the fact that skin cancer in men occurs more frequently on the head, shoulders and chest than in women. These were the areas that were exposed to the sun too long and too often without protection. In addition, there are some skin diseases, such as couperose and rosacea, which are also more common in men.

Dermatologe for Men
Botox Ästhetische Dermatologie Kronberg bei Bad Soden Taunus

Dermatology for men

Over the years, we have developed a profound understanding of gender-specific differences in the skin of men and women. Based on this experience, we have been able to develop novel dermatological concepts. For example, for the prevention and early detection of skin diseases such as skin cancer. But also individual therapies for many target group-specific diseases, such as against acne in young men, stress symptoms of overworked managers expressed on the skin or gentle treatments with light for elderly seniors whose skin has already become thin and sensitive.

Skin cancer screening and therapy

Non Melanoma skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. The dangerous Melanoma is, according to the WCFR (World Cancer Resarch Fund International) No 17. The Centre for Cancer Registry Data in Germany at the RKI (Robert Koch Institute), says that men (52%) are affected slightly more often than women (48%).

However, skin cancer is well curable if treated in time. That is why we have specialised in skin cancer screening, for which we even have one of the few confocal laser microscopes in Europe. With this microscope it is possible to look into deeper layers of the skin where degenerated cells are already visible before they appear on the surface as skin cancer.

Besenreiser Ästhetische Dermatologie Kronberg bei Koenigstein Taunus
Besenreiser Ästhetische Dermatologie Kronberg bei Koenigstein Taunus

Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is one of the most effective treatment methods for combating light skin cancer, such as basal cell carcinoma and precancerous lesions, such as actinic keratosis. This gentle procedure can remove the dangerous cells through a photoreaction, without surgical intervention. We use PDT very successfully, especially for men who used to spend a lot of time in the sun as children and adolescents, or even now in their leisure time.

Rosacea und Couperose

Rosacea is a common skin condition in men. It first appears as couperosis, an occasional reddening of the face. If this does not disappear and the small blood vessels are permanently visible, it is called rosacea, which can even develop bulbous noses in men if left untreated.

In addition to drug therapies, fruit acid skin peels, the gentle hydrafacial treatment or modern laser therapies are suitable for treatment.

Filler mit Hyaluron Ästhetische Dermatologie Dr. Zorn Kronberg Taunus
Laser Behandlung Ästhetische Dermatologie Dr. med. Zorn Kronberg Taunus

Laser treatment for men

With modern lasers, the skin structure can be improved and tightened by stimulating the formation of new collagen in the skin and also firming it.

The aim of this laser medicine is a vital and healthy appearance of your skin. We will be happy to advise you in detail about this in our consultation hours.

Cosmetic treatments for men

After decades in which men's skin care was limited to shaving, after-shave and sun protection on holiday, today's well-groomed man has realised that he can and should do more for a young and vital appearance.

Out of this purpose, in addition to skin care products, cosmetic treatments are increasingly in demand, as they achieve significantly better results for skin beautification and rejuvenation. Especially when they are performed by an experienced medical cosmetologist, as in our practice, which also specialises in cosmetic treatments for men's skin. The advantage with us is, of course, that a detailed medical examination and consultation takes place before the treatment, so that the subsequent cosmetic treatment is precisely adjusted to the individual problems of one's own skin and any diseases and damage.

An overview of the most common and effective treatments can be found on this page, supplemented with some purely aesthetic therapies.

Filler mit Hyaluron Ästhetische Dermatologie Dr. Zorn Kronberg Taunus
Botox Ästhetische Dermatologie Kronberg bei Bad Soden Taunus

Botox® wrinkle treatment for men

Aesthetic wrinkle treatments with Botox®, the classic treatment for facial lines, are now also a popular way for men to smoothen out the traces of ageing and professional stress. Especially forehead or frown lines, which look unflattering on the person opposite, can be treated quickly and reliably with Botox. We make sure that the final result is natural and that the facial expression is preserved.

The wrinkle treatment takes only 10 minutes and lasts a quarter of a year. After that, it should be repeated.

Hydrafacial - the 4 in 1 skin rejuvenation

The modern high-tech treatment Hydrafacial® is also becoming increasingly popular with men. It combines four treatments in just one session: microdermabrasion, peeling, cleansing and final care with antioxidants, peptides, vitamins and hyaluronic acid for men's skin that looks well-groomed, fresh, smooth and healthy.

Hydrafacial treatments last 30-90 minutes depending on the area and show immediate good improvements to the overall skin. The treatments are repeated at regular intervals.

Hydrafacial Ästhetik Dermatologie Dr. med. Zorn Kronberg Ts.
Microdermabrasion Ästhetik Dr. med. Zorn Kronberg Taunus

Microdermabrasion for impure, coarse-pored skin

Microdermabrasion is a mechanical peeling that is good for treating coarse-pored male skin and improving the skin's appearance. For this purpose, the top layer of skin is lightly abraded with crystals. Afterwards, an even regeneration of the male facial skin begins, which creates a finer skin structure.

Depending on the skin area, the treatment lasts 30-45 minutes and is performed several times or regularly, depending on the findings.

Microneedling e.g. for acne scars

Microneedling is suitable for improving the structure of the skin and for smoothing and making existing scars, such as acne scars, or small wrinkles disappear. For this purpose, the skin is irritated with very fine little needles. These harmless micro-injuries trigger a natural regeneration process that stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluron. Afterwards, the skin looks visibly younger and fresher.

Hydrafacial Ästhetik Dermatologie Dr. med. Zorn Kronberg Ts.
Peeling Hautarztpraxis Dr. med. Zorn Kronberg Taunus

Peels for skin rejuvenation for men

With a chemical peel, incipient and advanced signs of ageing can be successfully treated in men, whose skin only begins to age from around their mid-thirties. Unlike superficial fruit acid peels, a TCA peel, for example, penetrates deeper into the skin and ensures comprehensive skin renewal. Especially men who are very stressed at work appreciate this treatment, which brings their appearance in line with their inner strength and vitality.

Hair removal for men

Men with strong body hair often suffer from it. A hairy back is disturbing and does not always correspond to aesthetic preferences. With our modern IPL laser, we can offer men a gentle treatment for permanent hair removal, even on large areas.

Hautstrukturverbesserung Hautarztpraxis Dr. med. Zorn Taunus
Faltenunterspritzung Ästhetische Dermatologie Kronberg bei Frankfurt

Treat severe axillary sweating

Heavy, excessive sweating under the armpits (axillary sweating), which is already noticeable at slightly higher temperatures, minor excitement or exertion and is therefore displeasing, can be treated with a simple Botox® injection. It inhibits the production of the sweat glands for several months. A good option for men who want to appear relaxed and confident again in everyday interactions.

Foot care for men

Men's feet, in addition to common conditions such as athlete's foot and warts, which are often transmitted to sports centres, locker rooms and saunas, are also affected by cornification and corns. The latter occur just as often in men wearing sturdy footwear, e.g. oxfords, derbies or brogues, which are worn at work, as they do in athletes who expose their feet to prolonged pressure in their free time. In these cases, too, medical foot care is helpful in order to float pleasantly lightly over the ground again afterwards.

Hautstrukturverbesserung Hautarztpraxis Dr. med. Zorn Taunus
ästhetische Hautbehandlungen Dr. med. A. Zorn Kronberg Ts.

More treatments for men

As a leading dermatology practice in the aesthetic field, we are constantly trying and testing new procedures to help our patients maintain and get beautiful and healthy skin. We examine the efficacy and tolerability, as well as side effects, before we offer them. Therefore, please ask us if we offer another new procedure that we have not yet put on our homepage.

Appointments for dermatological and cosmetic treatment for men

If you have any questions about treatments for men or would like to make an appointment for your (or your husband's) treatment, please use the following link to our contact form.

We would like to point out that many of the above-mentioned therapies are not covered by the statutory health insurance funds, except for some skin diseases.


Through our memberships and the continuing education of the following medical societies, we keep up to date with the latest scientific findings and research results in the field of aesthetic dermatology as well as the latest treatment methods.

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DDG – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Dermatologie

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BVDD – Berufsverband der Deutschen Dermatologen

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DGLM – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Lasermedizin