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Athlete’s Foot and Fungal diseases in Children

Athlete’s foot is a condition caused by fungus which grows on the skin of the feet. Like other fungal diseases which can affect skin, nails and hair are among the most common infectious diseases in children and adolescents. Mostly they are harmless, but unpleasant and contagious. Athlete’s foot and other fungal diseases can be treated well.

A fungus is a microorganism that can be found everywhere, including on humans. Most fungi live parasitically on other organisms and can cause diseases. Because the skin barrier in children is not yet sufficiently developed it does not protect as well as in adults. Hence, they are more likely to get a fungal infection, like athlete’s foot.

These fungal diseases are infectious. They are often transmitted by contact with animals (cats, guinea pigs, horses), or by walking barefoot when doing sports in swimming pools and changing rooms. That is where the name athlete’s foot comes from. Especially children who regularly change their sports clothes in the changing cubicles, queue up at the popular slides and diving boards in indoor swimming pools or love to cuddle with animals are often infected. A few simple precautions can help against this.

In our practice, we try to heal children suffering from fungal disease, as athlete’s foot, in a conservative manner. This means using local therapeutic therapy in order to avoid drugs and other pharmaceuticals. Usually, very good results are achieved. However, it is important for the success of the treatment that the therapy is carried out regularly and consistently, i.e. without interruptions.

Athlete’s Foot

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