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Confocal Laser Microscopy (Laser Scanning Microscopy)

With the unique confocal laser microscope, individual skin cells can be reliably and painlessly examined for malignant changes even below the skin surface and even before they develop skin cancer. This provides our patients with the fastest, most reliable diagnosis of skin cancer and precancer currently available.

Time is a decisive factor in skin cancer. This is where confocal laser microscopy shows its unique advantage. Because the earlier skin cancer is detected, the better the chances of recovery. Currently, the earliest possible time to detect malignant skin cancer is when individual cells begin to change, normally invisible, under the skin’s surface. With our modern confocal laser microscope these first changes can already be made visible, detected and diagnosed.

This is because the laser microscope produces very detailed digital images, without damaging the skin. Not only of the deeper skin layers, but even of the individual skin cells inside. In this way, the various types of skin precaner can be diagnosed in their early stages and treatment can be initiated. With the magnification of the confocal microscope of up to 1000 times, a very reliable diagnosis can be made without long waiting times for the patients.

This examination makes the otherwise painful biopsy (Surgical removal of tissue) unnecessary in many cases, which is a great advantage especially for suspicious areas of the face or other sensitive parts of the body, or for many suspicious areas (lesions) and in children.

As one of only a few dermatological practices or university hospitals in Germany, we have mastered high-resolution confocal laser microscopy to offer our patients the highest level of safety in skin cancer prevention currently available. With one of the largest networked facilities in Europe, we not only have the latest technology, but also a great deal of experience in the field of early skin cancer diagnosis.

By using confocal microscopes networked with our four digital microscopes, we are able to customize skin cancer screening for our patients and initiate necessary treatments as early as possible. In this way, we create the highest possible level of safety for our patients.

Laser Scanning Microscopy

Appointments for laser scanning microscopy

Please arrange your appointment for your professional skin cancer screening and mole check here in our dermatologist's practice. The deployment of the confocal laserscan microscopes will depend on the results of the results of the professional skin cancer screening.

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