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Acne Treatment

Acne (acne vulgaris) is the among most common skin disease in adolescents. But many adults also suffer from the acne tarda. Timely and targeted treatment can cure acne quite well and prevent acne scars.

The term acne encompasses a broad spectrum of inflammatory changes in the skin, starting with comedones, inflammatory papules and pimples, and purulent nodules. Most of the time, acne occurs during puberty and disappears on its own. While the mild form of adolescent acne can initially be treated by oneself, stronger forms in adolescents or acne in adulthood require medical attention. It is about preventing unsightly scarring and relieving acute flare-ups, but also relieving the psychological stress that many affected people suffer from.

Thanks to our long experience, we can very quickly start the right therapy for each patient, especially for acne. For this we have medical therapy as well as cosmetic treatments to cure  acne.


Appointments for acne treatment

Please make your appointment for your acne treatment or acne scar removal here in our dermatology practice.

acne treatment


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